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Thank you so much to everyone who entered our t-shirt giveaway. I really didn't expect that many people to enter so instead I'm going to draw two winners!

Here are my screenshots from RANDOM.ORG:

Congratulations SilviShinystar and twilightlinkjh!
You will be noted shortly with further details

Please look out for more giveaways & contests in the future and keep that lovely Xenoblade fanart coming! Thank you :J
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Welcome to BronadoPower

Welcome fellow Bronados! In this group you can enjoy the brilliant artwork that fans have created dedicated to the wonderful game that is Xenoblade Chronicles. Feel free to join or add us to your +watch!

Here at BronadoPower we understand that artists are always improving, so we don't have a strict quality control system. However, all we ask is that your artwork shows effort and creativity.

Submission Rules

• Please submit to the correct folders. If you are unsure which folder you should submit to, just ask!
• We do accept traditional and digital work.
• We do accept cosplay submissions.
• We do accept crossovers.
• We do not accept literature deviations.
• We do not accept Works in Progress (WIPs).
• We do not accept Original Characters (OCs).
• We do not accept submissions containing official copyrighted Xenoblade images.
• We do not accept deviations with overly sexual content (eg. weird fetishes)







Xenoblade Icons

:iconshulkplz: :iconhotshulkplz: :iconshulkmonadoplz: :iconreynplz: :iconreyn2plz: :iconmedicsharlaplz: :iconsharlaboobsplz: :icondunbanplz: :iconmeliaplz: :iconmeliaantiquaplz: :iconheroponplz: :iconfioraplz: :iconmechonfioraplz: :icondicksonplz: :iconmumkharplz: :iconbratjujuplz: :iconotharonplz: :icongadoltplz: :iconseeralvisplz: :iconkallianplz: :icontyreaplz: :iconlorithiaplz: :iconlorithiaboobsplz: :iconegilplz: :iconvaneaplz: :iconlinadaplz: :iconmeynethplz: :iconshulkspackageplz:


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MCKirby99 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
hotdawg12 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 17, 2015  Hobbyist Writer

:iconshulkplz: Alright Lorithia, time to die!
:iconlorithiaplz: You don't even have the real monado anymore! You shouldn't be able to aura seal telethia and kill them, so how are you doing that?
:iconkallianplz: Dude seriously?
:iconmedicsharlaplz: Yeah, that's seriously all we have to explain this crap.
:icondicksonplz: Hey Sharla, wanna know why they call me Dickson?
:iconreynplz: HEY! She's mine, I called dibs! :iconreyn2plz:Also, aren't you like a hundred years old? Pedophile.
:icondicksonplz: My only options in my age range are Lorithia and the Machina chicks that we're trying to kill.  Considering Lorithia probably hasn't seen action since the high entia were born, I'll pass.
:iconmeliaantiquaplz: BROTHER!
:iconbratjujuplz: Wut
:iconmedicsharlaplz: That was Melia.
:iconlorithiaplz: Can we PLEASE get back to the monado issue?!
:icongadoltplz: Hi sharla.
:iconreyn2plz: What the...?
:iconseeralvisplz: Yes, while all of you were arguing, Zanza managed to just kill you all.  Quite stealthily, to be honest.
:iconhotshulkplz: Wait that means....
:iconseeralvisplz: Yes, you're all dead.  Congratulations Shulk, I truly never thought you would make THAT choice.
:iconshulkmonadoplz: DANGIT!
:iconseeralvisplz: So Sharla, do the drapes match the carpet? Don't answer, I already know.  God computer, remember?
HaroPetCreatorLT Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there! I was wondering if you'd like to affiliate with my new :iconnow-its-shulktime: group!

It'd be a great help to be affiliated to your group!
Also, don't be afraid to join! It really helps! :D
SkittleE275 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015
We'd love to! We just sorta'...don't remember how to affiliate. ^^"
HaroPetCreatorLT Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah. XD I see, you know the button in which you can invite people to the group? The 'affiliate' button is on the same strip. Just click it and then type in my group's name: Now-Its-ShulkTime

Then click 'check' and then 'request affiliation' and it's done! :D
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